Vandana Sharma
Director / Dance

Vandana Sharma has learnt

  • Kathak from Pt. Pulkit Mishra
    • disciple of Birju Maharaj & Bharat Gaurav Sammanit),
  • Chhau from Rajesh Saibabu
  • Jazz under a very reputed dance school
  • Salsa from Salsa India
  • Belly Dancing From Meher Malik
    • Banjara Dance
  • Ballet from IFBC

She has also learned , folk dances such as Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Punjabi and Gujrati
After learning these forms & styles of dancing, she has imparted trainings in various dance institutes in Delhi and started her own dance academy known as


in North and East Delhi

She has performed in various dance shows such as

  • E.F.Y. Awards
  • Auto Expo in (2005, 2006, and 2007)
  • Kathak ballet in many classical dance shows

She has successfully conducted various workshops, events with a lot of accolade from organizers as well as from attendees

Sagar Bhatia
Riyaaz / Soul
Sagar is a qualified and professional music teacher with over 7 years of teaching experience in his studio and in schools and a zest for sharing this passion for all things musical.

He instructs in the use of a range of instruments, encompassing guitar, keyboard and drums, and other electronic instruments. Presently he is the band leader and the lead vocalist and guitarist of hit band 'The Soul', a Sufi band, which gives house full performances in Delhi and Chandigarh (check out Facebook- the Soul Page).

He is a multi faceted and complete musician as he also arranges the music for his band besides writing his own songs. He is working on his Sufi inspired album, with a few songs already under his belt. youtube link?

The roots of his creativity were first seen when his band won' The Battle of the Bands’ for MTV in 2010. He has since taught over 500 students and given the background score for the Commonwealth Games and for a few short movies. He has developed arrangements appealing to a range of learners in his Studio and also for leading schools like Global Indian International School as a Music teacher.